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Huntington Bay Victorian
Lloyd Harbor Residence

Unique Plantscaping...

Design has now become more than just architecture, more than furniture, more than accessories. It is about running a space into a "living area," whether in the work environment, the home or outside.
Living plants have become the design element of choice for a variety of reasons. Visually, they add color, warmth, and beauty to any area they enhance. Emotionally; they bring a touch of nature and life to what may often be sterile, utilitarian environments.
Moreover, researchers have concluded that live plants can effectively filter a wide variety of common contaminants from the home or office environment, (including the harmful gases that result from building materials, furniture, carpeting agents, copying machine ozone, and more), improving the physical well being of their respective inhabitants.

Award-winning designer Nancy Durante will assist you in making appropriate plant selections whether its for Inside or Outside the home, or office environment including common areas with a heavy traffic volume. Our experience and knowledge of horticultural landscape design and individual plant characteristics is integral in making the choices that will create for you a beautiful, comfortable, and healthier environment.

If you never had a "green thumb"; and are concerned about the care and maintenance of the plants in which you invest, relax! We provide trained technicians to regularly service each and every plant, keeping each one as healthy as possible. Your plants will be continually watered, fertilized, cleaned, and trimmed.

We provide complete services and can effectively work within any budget. Please call for free consultation.Our concept-through-maintenance; services are all fully guaranteed to meet each of our client's personal and professional satisfaction. Our reputation has, for years, depended on it.

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