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Huntington Bay Victorian
Lloyd Harbor Residence

Huntington Bay Residence

Originally the front of this property was bordered with a steel guardrail to prevent cars from going down the ditch into the front yard. The guardrail was removed and a Pennsylvia Stone Wall was built. Next we raised the grade creating a slope to meet the bottom of the wall so the garden could be seen from street side. This landscape is anchored by White Birchand the wall is overflowing with one of the homeowners favorites "Nikko Blue Hydrangea" and " Rugosa" Rose Hips which has an abundance of white flowers in the spring and bears reddish- orange fruit later in the season. Early spring Orange Tiger lilies and Queen Anne's Lace is complemented by an assortment of perennials Something new popping every few weeks and continuing though out the season in the gardens on this 1- ½ acre property.

Huntington Bay Residence