Waterfalls Recreation Room
Huntington Bay Victorian
Lloyd Harbor Residence

Designer: Nancy A. Durante, Unique Plantscaping, Inc. lnteriorscape Contractor: Unique Plantscaping, Inc. Major Foliage Suppliers: East Marsh Nursery, Inc.; Sunshine Botanicals, Inc.; Costa Nursery Farms, Inc.; Meristem Nursery Major Container/Accessories Supplier: Pennock Company

This atrium was designed for a three story sunlit space, located in the new entrance of the Broadhollow Business Center. The atrium was designed to be multileveled so that the end result was several scapes within one large one. The fountain, which can be viewed from all levels, was designed as the center focal point. Retaining walls were installed after the foliage was in place to expand the appearance of the fountain. The foliage and the fountain are encompassed by a white stone planter box. It was necessary to enhance the appearance of this setting, as it is the main focal point in the lobby. The objective was not only to create something interesting, but to maintain a feeling of simplicity. This effect was achieved by selecting some specimen foliage and more common foliage to complement them. The trunks of the 23' Adonidia palms are at the center of the space and their tree tops are viewed at the second level. Specimen Acruensis and flowering Bromeliads of different varieties were placed to create interest within the bow of the palms.

Huntington Bay Residence